About Us

"The Alter Dedicated Staff is an designed to complement the performance of the AIrline IT Department. This services provides a staff of the required highly trained personnel to complete backoffice duties. Overcoming the limitations of initial understaffing at statons."

Our History

The Alter Story begins with building a team to support an airline on its ecosystem of software that makes it work. Small / Medium Airlines require systems for Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Comercial Departments, Finance and this all can be overwhelming for just 1 or 2 dedicated IT managers. This fueled the idea of having a centralized help desk team to help administrate all the software resources on a 24/7 basis.

Employees in the airline, with different background and experience motivated on their experiences come with a predefined set of tools they required but lack the expertice deploy, escalate bug fixes, feature requests, roll out new releases to take full advantage of systems.

Alter begins with the idea to maintain a staff that could assist Sales Reps, DCS agents and Operations staff with simple tasks that could help them feel accompanied while performing under preassure. Making sure all Issues find resolution. This success story has been so popular even other airlines started asking about how to achieve this level of integration and this is how we got here. Allow us to become your virtual Informations Systems Department.

Our Mission

Become the most solicited company of technical specialized support, being recognized by the quality of our services and solutions, achieving this way the national and international recognition for the disposition, aptitude and professionalism of our workers and their contribution to the human development.

Our Vision

Assist our clients to reach their goals and business objectives, offering them personalized attention, with innovative services and solutions adapted according to their needs.