Call Center Services

The Alter Dedicated Staff is an designed to complement the performance of the Airline IT Department. This services provides a staff of the required highly trained personnel to complete backoffice duties. Overcoming the limitations of initial understaffing at statons.

Amonst the duties we perform:

  • RES Administration Duties: This helps maintain a level of integrity amongst employees of the airline.
  • This helps keep airline policies enforced at all time.
  • Constant Support for best practices at Airports and Sales Offices (External Help Desk Level 1 and escalation to third party vendor) 24/7 or 9/5 (extended).
  • Manual procedures for Checkin and Closing flights when not employing Online DCS at a station.
  • Support for APIS submissions. Outage procedures response.
  • Constant Monitoring for system optimization and growth.

The Dedicated staffing solution empowers the Airline IT infrastructure to help the airline grow according to plan.

Training staff with Software

This services takes a new approach to internal recurrent trainings to reasure the turnaround for new staff and productivity stays high. This helps when minor training is needed to get a new member of staff up and running while bigger more intense sessions with the software vendor are programmed. We also plan mayor training sessions with key identified staff to ensure proper replication and Peer to Peer training. We also deploy Educational Platforms for recurrent minimal assistance training upon request.